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Online Live Language Courses

For adults, teenager and children

  • German, English, Spanish and Italian

  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced

  • Experienced, native-speaking tutors

  • Learn comfortably from home

  • Group and Individual classes

  •                 and credit cards accepted  

  • 30 days money-back guarantee 

  • Free skill level evaluation

Become one of our 850+ satisfied language learners and secure yourself a 20% discount on your group course. Check out what our students are saying.

What courses do we offer?


  • Online live class

  • Ideal for adults of all ages

  • Choose between group and individual course

  • for professional and private use

  • Courses for all levels, from beginner to advanced

  • German, English, Spanish, and Italian available


  • Online live class

  • Designed specifically for teenagers

  • From 11 to 17 years old

  • Choose between group and individual course

  • Courses for all levels, from beginner to advanced

  • German, English, Spanish, and Italian available


  • Online live class

  • Designed specifically for children

  • Choose between group and individual course

  • From 6 to 10 years old

  • Courses for all levels, from beginner to advanced

  • German, English, Spanish, and Italian available

Homeschooling Support

  • Online live lessons 

  • Learning assistance adjusted to the respective curriculum

  • Wide selection of school subjects such as foreign languages, physics, mathematics and much more

  • Qualified teachers with pedagogical experience

  • Flexible lesson planning

What makes us Different?

Live Online Classes

Customized Learning

Confidence Building

At Frelly Talk, all our online language courses are taken live and in real-time. This enables you to engage with our teachers and interact with your fellow learners during class. The best way of strengthening your language skills is by actively interact with people in that language. This is why our online live language classes are the best you can get.

Our classes are carefully created and tailored according to the level and fluency of students. Through a personalized approach, we can help you speak confidently and perfect your language skills. We offer group classes for individuals who like to learn in groups, and also individual classes for those who need to fit the classes into their tight schedules.

More than language fluency, our classes are also designed to help learners become more confident about themselves and the way they communicate with other people. Learning a new language goes beyond just learning how to read, write and speak the words. At Frelly Talk, we take that extra step in helping you understand the cultural background of the language to boost your understanding and proficiency.

What do our students say?


Alina, Romania

My daughter loved the German hours. She always enjoyed the online classes. My kid started from zero, and now she has conversations in German and grammar seems easy to her. She enjoyed every class. She liked the opened space where she felt encouraged to ask questions and to clarify the pronunciation whenever she felt she needed more support. I definitely recommend Frelly Talk!

Theresa, USA

A teacher who knows the strengths and weaknesses of their student and can focus on those weaknesses without adding stress to the student is worth their weight in gold! Thank you for your constant encouragement, patience, kindness and laughter since we started this journey together. I passed A1 and am now starting on A2. Our classes are the highlight of my week!

Bernardo, Spain

I've never been able to speak a second language before I started with Frelly Talk. I loved my teacher's approach to teaching English. His classes are easy to understand and fun. My teacher was always patient and understanding. He tailored the classes to my needs, which is great! I highly recommend Frelly Talk if you are looking for a class in any language.